And lastly, not only what you eat, but how you eat is extremely important. After all, we are not what we eat, but what we assimilate. And assimilation of nutrients from the foods you eat is to a large degree dependent on proper eating habits.

Many of us eat too fast, gulp our food down without chewing it properly-not to mention the fact that we often eat when we are not really hungry, merely because it is dinner time. Also, we eat when we are tense and irritated or when our thoughts are far away from food. Or, we eat certain foods because we think they are good for us, without really enjoying them.

No, all foods should be eaten slowly and chewed very thoroughly. Never eat in a hurry. It is far better to skip a meal than to eat it in a hurry. Slow eating and good mastication will increase the assimilation of nutrients in the intestinal tract and make you feel satisfied with a smaller quantity of food. Well-chewed and generously salivated food is practically half-digested in the mouth. Saliva contains enzymes and other digestive agents.

And, finally, food should be eaten in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed. My old friend and teacher, Dr. Ragnar Berg, one of the world’s most renowned nutritionists, used to say, “Eating should be a pleasure.” Please, don’t misconstrue his statement to mean that you should eat for pleasure! Eat to live—don’t live to eat! The biological fact is that only foods eaten with a genuine pleasure will do you any good. A peaceful, unhurried, pleasurable, and happy atmosphere around the table will pay good dividends in improved digestion and assimilation of food and in better health.


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