For a start, it’s often a surprise to many women to realize that their wombs are really quite small. At least they are when they’re not pregnant. A non-pregnant womb is about the size of a woman’s clenched fist or a small orange; just right to be tucked safely away behind your pelvic bone, which you can feel low down in your belly linking the two inside edges of your hip bones. Your womb is virtually all thick muscle, with a small space inside it, between those thick walls, like a balloon before it’s been blown up.

That sticking out of the top of your womb, like two narrow curved horns are the two Fallopian tubes, which are specially designed to carry the newly developed egg from your ovaries into your womb. They curl round alongside the womb, so that their open ends are hovering just above your ovaries, the two glands that hold the millions of microscopic egg-cells Nature provided you with even before you were born. The open ends of the Fallopian tubes are fringed like a sea anemone and the inside of each tube is lined with little hairs, so that the

egg-cell can be wafted gently along inside it.

It seems extraordinary that the womb could carry anything as big as a full term baby, or that it could cause so much pain. But as we know, it can and it does. And one of the reasons is that although it’s quite a small bag of muscle, the muscles themselves are exceptionally strong, so when they contract, as they do when they are pushing a baby into the world, or when they are getting rid of the unwanted lining of the womb, you usually know about it.


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