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It has to be said straightaway that any medical treatment for period pain will vary according to the doctor or clinic treating you and according to which particular hormone they think is causing the trouble. It would be lovely if someone could discover a magic pill, or’ one easy treatment that would just stop the pain wherever it was or whatever was causing it. But our body systems are just too complicated for an easy solution like that; so complicated in fact that we’re only just beginning to understand how they work. When the late great Dr Winnicott was asked what he thought about sex education in schools, he replied, ‘But we don’t even know why girls have periods.’ And he was right; we don’t. But at least, we are beginning to find out how we have them. And an intriguing business it is, with chemical messengers, or hormones, racing around our bloodstream virtually all through the month. The trouble is that there are so many of them, all different and all with a different part to play in the whole process. And any one of them could be at fault when the system goes wrong.

If we’re to understand what sort of treatments are currently being offered by doctors and clinics, it’s helpful to know a bit about how our systems work. Or at least to be able to identify the hormones doctors think are causing the trouble. So the next section is a potted history of what goes on inside a woman, month by month. If you’re squeamish, or you would prefer not to know, then skip the next bit. But if, like me, you’re fascinated that we should carry such a delicate, complicated, finely balanced miracle inside us — read on.


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