Let go of fear. There is nothing in this world worth fearing about. This is not simply my belief. I know. To fear is one of the worst things you can do to your mind. All logical reasoning, not to mention the connection to your higher mind is completely blocked. People know about it, and some of them use fear techniques to take advantage of others. Look around. The field of medicine prospers by promoting the fear of disease. If they succeed, you fear disease, even if you don’t have any, and this feeling actually replaces the feeling of well being! Instead of enjoying your perfect health and being happy, you worry! Fear blocks your thinking, and in this state you are easy to control by others, who know it and want to take advantage of it. The technique of fear is frequently used by government and religious leaders as a tool to control people. Let go of fear. It blocks your mind. Never use the technique of fear to control children. Use explanation, examples and reasoning instead.

Eliminate feelings of anger, hate and anxiety. – they also block your mind at all levels, preventing the natural state of well being and spiritual development.

Forgive everyone and everything. Hate and resentment also clog your mind. By nourishing hatred and resentment you cannot gain anything except the same things from others. On the other hand, forgiveness and tolerance could give you a key to gaining respect and love.

Do not think of harming anyone or anything. Think of others the way you would like others to think about you.


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