Before we start to discuss the limitations of conventional medicine, let us consider the following facts, which are very easy to verify, but for some reason or another escape the attention of the public:

1. Medical Practice and research concentrates on the study of curing diseases, rather than on the study of maintaining perfect health.

2. Medical Practice is BIG business (doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, drugs, pharmaceutical supplies, health insurance, etc.) This business as a whole is not interested at all about people getting healthy. On the contrary, the more people are sick, the better the business.

3. It is in the best interest of medical business to fight, criticise, ridicule, discredit and preferably make illegal any method potentially capable of improving the health of the population.

4. Medical Education and Research are funded to a large extent by chemical and pharmaceutical companies, which are in a position to decide what to teach doctors and what research directions should be funded. Note, that no research can be performed if there are no funds to support it.

5. Centralised Medical Authorities (with members educated in the environment described above) have complete monopoly and also final jurisdiction over our health. These Authorities advise Governments that there will be more sick to treat next year, and it will cost more. They make recommendations, that health insurance should be mandatory, and that the best way to ensure this is to introduce a health tax. Guess who benefits most from such a scheme?


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