If you suffer from the aching miseries, then life at school can frequently be very difficult. To be suddenly and inexplicably clumsy can have dire results, especially if you are usually neat and deft. Your handwriting may degenerate, no matter how hard you try to keep it tidy, with the result that you get lower grades and teachers disapprove. You may be suddenly unco-ordinated, so that you walk into desks instead of round them, or do badly at games, or you become a menace in the science labs. That doesn’t improve your popularity either, which in its turn will make you feel even more upset and vulnerable and off-balance.

If you’re clumsy like this, one trick is to try to do everything slowly. Breathe in a lower, deeper gear as described and take a few minutes to relax as much of your body as you can. You’ll find the more relaxed you are, the less clumsy you are likely to be. Try to make a joke of your clumsiness if you can. But above all, keep that chart going, so that you can predict your clumsy times and try to avoid some of the more tricky situations. Obviously it’s a good idea to keep out of harm’s way as much as you can. It’s not a good time of the month to be working backstage, or putting in overtime in the labs or shifting PE equipment about. But most important of all, let your ally on the staff know what you’re doing. Show her the chart. She could be the one who will explain to your other teachers that you are not being lazy or bolshie, or going out of your way to produce poor work, or letting the side down, or whatever it is.


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