Nutrition is a relatively new science, barely 30 years old. It has already made impressive gains in knowledge. But we have only scratched the surface. In coming years nutritionists will discover and identify many new vitamins and other nutritional factors which will play an important role in your health.

Therefore, one who does not suffer from any specific disease or deficiency but who is interested in food supplements for prophylactic or preventive reasons—that is for health protection —should not take any vitamins, minerals, or other isolated factors. But he should use natural food supplements, such as brewers yeast, kelp, bone meal, rose hips, cold-pressed vegetable oils, cod liver oil, wheat germ oil, etc. These are all natural, unrefined foods, rather than isolated vitamins or minerals. When you take them you will be benefiting not only from all the known vitamins and other nutritional factors, but also from all the unknown, as yet undiscovered, factors. Moreover, in such natural food supplements all the vital factors are present in their naturally balanced combination. This is important for two reasons. First, this will assure their full biological activity and maximum assimilation. Second, it will prevent overdosage which, as in the cases of vitamins D, A, and certain vitamins of the B-complex, could be quite dangerous.

The above remarks are made in reference to relatively healthy people. In the case of disease, however, the use of isolated vitamins and other nutritional factors could be not only justified but, in many cases, absolutely essential.


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